Professional Installation

Window Installation

You can relax once you hand over your window installation work to us. It is conveniently and professionally done by our own in-house, experienced installers (not subcontractors). They will finish the job quickly, and their precise, clean work will leave you impressed. “The best window in the World is not worth a penny if it is not installed correctly!”

As a testament to our quality of service, you’ll also receive a 10-year service warranty at no extra cost.

Installation services are generally (but not limited to) a 60-mile radius of Punxsutawney and Indiana, PA.

Please call with any questions or concerns.

Want to Install Windows Yourself?

Window Products

Or maybe you have a favorite contractor that you would like
to install them for you? No problem!

We can sell directly to homeowners or contractors. Keep in mind that we can’t offer our service warranty when we don’t do the work for you; however, all of our quality products are still backed by the manufacturers’ warranty.

Below is a partial list of the types of quality products that we have to offer. Most of our windows are available as replacement or new construction depending on your needs.

Tilt-in Windows

Double-Hung Windows

The most popular and versatile style window, the double hung is a timeless beauty for any home. Made strong to provide long-lasting durability, security, and energy efficiency. Both sashes are not only designed to easily slide up and down, they also “tilt-in” for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Double hung windows are a go-to for many homeowners. They are flexible, as they work well in many settings, offer exceptional ventilation, and can be combined with other style windows for a preferred unique look.

Shown here is a single Thermal-Gard Building Products white vinyl double hung window with 6-lite internal grids in both sashes. Other options and colors are available.

Gliding WIndows

Slider Windows

Sliding windows offer many of the same benefits as double hung windows, but have sashes that move horizontally instead of vertically. Available in several configurations, including 2-lite and 3-lite units, makes them a very practical approach to replacement windows when the opening is wider than tall. The 3-lite slider from Thermal-Gard Building Products shown here has two sliding end vents with a stationary picture window in between. The moving sashes conveniently “lift out” for easy cleaning.

Sliding windows work well above a kitchen sink or in any room where ventilation is important. Horizontal sliders are perfect by themselves or paired with other styles of windows.

Crank Out Windows

Casement Windows

Casement windows can be a nice alternative to Double Hungs or sliders by adding a more streamlined appearance without the sash break through the middle of the window. The smooth, clean frame and sash profile of casement windows is ideal if you enjoy a wide-open view of the outdoors and lots of natural light. Casement windows are hinged on the sides to open outward to the left or right allowing maximum airflow. These windows provide many other benefits as well, including excellent energy efficiency because of their tight seal, greater security, and nearly effortless operation.

Casement windows, like the 2-lite from Thermal-Gard shown here with 8-lite internal grids, can be a great option with many benefits. One of the best features of casement windows is their easy operation. Because they open with a hand crank, they’re wonderful for hard-to-reach places like over sinks and countertops.

crank-out WIndows

Awning Windows

Awning-style windows are a perfect blend of beauty and functionality. These windows offer the same qualities of casement windows except they are top-hinged enabling them to open horizontally, or outward from the bottom. This allows you to let air in with the turn of a handle  even during a light rain without letting water inside your home.

Awning windows like the one here from Thermal-Gard Building Products work well in areas such as bathrooms, bedrooms, or even above ground basements just to mention a few. They can even be stacked, or combined with other styles of windows if desired.

Fixed Windows

Picture Windows

Picture windows provide a clear, open view with an extra element of safety and security for homeowners concerned with intrusion because these windows cannot be opened. In addition to deterring intrusion, “fixed” windows such as these help keep small children safely inside for even greater security.

Projecting WIndows

Bay & Bow Windows

“Our Specialty” designed to be both beautiful and functional, our bay & bow windows are the perfect addition to any home. Custom sized to your specifications with many options available. Each unit can be made with a desired projection, therefore making each one completely unique.

Transform a room by opening it up to allow more sunlight and beauty into your dwelling. A bay or bow window will also add dimension to your home both inside and out.

Bay windows are made with 3-lite configurations typically with the center lite twice as large as the flankers as shown here, while bow windows are available in 3, 4, 5, or even 6 equal-lite layouts.

Specialty-Shaped Windows

Geometrical Windows

Specialty-shaped windows might not be your first thought when you update your home, but they’re worth considering! Shaped windows can be used alone as a single focal point, and as shown in the ProVia Aeris photos here, they also look great above other styles of windows. We’d love to help you choose a few new windows that complement your home’s unique style.

Geometrically-shaped replacement windows help you realize your unique design ideas! You can choose from a myriad of styles, colors, glass options and grid patterns to customize your windows with a truly exquisite look. Your home—with its elegant, traditional, modern or contemporary look—will become the highlight of the neighborhood. Specialty-shaped styles may include Half Round, Quarter Round, Eyebrow, Half Eyebrow, Cathedral, Hexagon, Octagon, Oval, Ellipse, Full Circle, Triangle, Trapezoid and Pentagon. Just imagine the possibilities!

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Burke & Sons, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide window replacement services?

Yes, we specialize in window replacement, offering high-quality energy-efficient windows designed to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your home while reducing energy costs.

What types of entry doors do you offer?

Our inventory includes a wide range of entry doors, including steel and fiberglass options, all available in various styles and finishes to suit your preferences and needs.

Do you install overhead garage doors and openers?

We do not, but we can certainly install windows and man doors in your garage.

Can you help with sun/patio rooms installation?

Absolutely! We offer professional installation services for sunrooms and patio enclosures, providing you with additional living space to enjoy year-round.

Do you offer retractable awnings?

Unfortunately we no longer offer retractable awnings, but we do work on sunrooms and enclosed patios. You can check out our showroom for inspiration!

Can you assist with glass repairs?

Certainly! Our team of experts is equipped to handle glass repairs for doors and windows sold by Burke & Sons Inc, ensuring that your home remains secure and functional. Just keep in mind that we are not able to do “in-home” service calls on products that we did not initially sell or install, but we will be happy to attempt to repair items that can be brought to us. Please call with any questions or concerns.

My screens are full of holes, can they be repaired?

They sure can! Just bring your screens in to our showroom and we'll replace the fiber mesh to make them as good as new!

Do you have specialists for window and door installations?

Yes, we have dedicated window specialists who are trained and experienced in all aspects of window and door installation, guaranteeing a seamless and efficient process from start to finish.

How do your products contribute to energy efficiency?

Our windows and doors are designed with energy efficiency in mind, featuring advanced insulation materials and technologies that help reduce heat loss and improve thermal performance, ultimately lowering your energy bills.

Why is there moisture on my windows?

Condensation on your windows is caused by humidity in your home. Each winter sees more and more home owners vitally interested in the subject of window condensation. It's not a happy interest. It stems from bad experiences with window condensation which range from irritating to downright expensive. It may strike you as odd, but the growing condensation problems of the nation are caused by progress. Yes, if you have trouble with window condensation it's probably because you live in a "tight" modern home that you can heat for a fraction of the money it takes to heat the house your parents lived in — a home that's cleaner and more comfortable besides! And your condensation problems also result from widespread use of several labor saving appliances that make life easier than it used to be. A simple solution to eliminate moisture on your windows may be as easy as opening your curtains or blinds. Sometimes it might take a little more, like using a dehumidifier or some other apparatus to remove or reduce the excess humidity from your home.

What causes "Trouble" Condensation?

A little fog on the lower corners of your windows now and then probably doesn't bother you. By the time you've thought about it a second time it has usually gone away. But what we're talking about is EXCESSIVE condensation. Troublesome condensation. Condensation that blocks whole windows with fog or frost. Water that runs off windows to stain woodwork... or in serious cases even damage the wallpaper or plaster. If you have this kind of condensation on your windows, you have good reasons to worry. And good reasons to act. Don't worry so much about the windows... where you can SEE the effect of excess humidity. You should worry more about what excess moisture may be doing elsewhere in your home. It may be freezing in the insulation in your attic where it will melt and damage your plaster exactly like a roof leak when warm weather comes. Or it may be forcing its way out through siding to form blisters under your exterior paint. That means the most expensive kind of paint job. It's natural and easy in such cases to blame the paint, or the insulation, or the windows. But it's wrong to blame them. The real villain is invisible. It's water vapor... too MUCH water vapor. The best — usually the ONLY way to prevent this trouble is to get rid of excess water vapor. Once you’ve equipped your home with quality insulated windows, there isn’t very much more you can do window-wise to lick condensation.

What sets your business apart from others in the industry?

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service, top-quality products, and expert installations tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, all with no high pressure sales or gimmicks. And with our attention to detail and commitment to excellence, we strive to exceed your expectations every step of the way.

Professional Installation

Door Installment

You’ll find our door installation work to be flawless, while the products themselves will make your property stand out. Trust our trained consultants to help you select the right product style for your home or business based on your needs. Burke & Sons is a fully insured, service oriented company with focus on your satisfaction. Ask for a FREE estimate!

Want to Install Your Doors Yourself?

Quality Products

Or maybe you have a favorite contractor that you would like to install them for you? No problem! We can sell directly to homeowners or contractors. Keep in mind that we can’t offer our service warranty when we don’t do the work for you; however, all of our quality products are still backed by the manufacturers’ warranty. Below is a partial list of the types of quality products that we have to offer with links to the manufacturers’ websites.

Simple & Beautiful

Entry Door

Beautifully designed doors can turn the entry to your home into a grand entrance. Entry doors can be as simple as a single door or as elaborate as a single or double door with sidelites. They can be customized to the color or stain you prefer, and are available in several different materials, providing you options to find a door that best fits both your home and budget.

Protect Your Home

Storm Door

From top screen only to no screens, storm doors protect your entryway from bad weather & insects but can allow ventilation to your home.

For most homeowners, it’s hard to know what to look for in a storm door. That’s where ProVia has you covered. They take care of the small details that make Spectrum retractable screen doors operate smoothly and reliably with attention to design that makes them stand out from the competition. Many styles and options are available!

Fresh Air, Outdoors & Light

Patio Door

Larger glass doors, sliding or hinged, that allow access from
a room to the outdoors, fresh air, and light.

ProVia Endure™ vinyl sliding patio doors deliver stunning energy efficiency and meet the most stringent industry standards for storm protection, ease of entry, and forced entry.

In addition to exceeding expectations in functionality, ProVia patio doors offer countless options to exceed aesthetic expectations, too. In addition to multiple grid options, like the one shown here, internal blinds, paint colors, and glass can all be customized to create a door that is unique to your home.

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